Re: [admin] Draft of updated charter available for review

On 1/21/14 3:36 PM, ext Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Although WebApps' current charter [Charter] does not expire until the 
> end of May, since it can take a while to agree on a new charter 
> (especially if new deliverables are proposed), I created a Draft 
> [Draft] today. A diff of the current charter vs. the draft is 
> available at [Diff].

Hi All,

Last week I checked in two changes to the [Draft] charter:

[1] Added a statement that the expectation is WebApps will be 
re-chartered after the 2014-2016 charter expires (this is intended to 
reinforce a related statement already in the charter.

[2] Philippe reminded me the Consortium's process requires a WG charter 
include "milestone" data so I added 5 "priority" specs that are 
dependencies for specs by other groups and included my best "guestimate" 
on these specs' next milestone. I also included a link to [PubStatus] 
and state it should be used for current status of all of WebApps' specs.

WebApps' current [Charter] has nine specs with milestones and none of 
our predictions for the REC milestone were accurate. Because of this, my 
original draft did not include any milestone data. Although I think 
milestone data should be useful, I only support adding data if there is 
a relatively good probability plus resource commitment(s) to meet the 

Feedback on the new milestone data as well as proposals for other specs 
and their next milestone is welcome.

-Thanks, AB

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