Re: Publishing a new WD of Clipboard API and events spec

Arthur Barstow wrote:

> Given the last WD of Clipboard API was published about one year ago 
> (April 2013) and the spec has had some substantive changes ([1]), I 
> think it would be useful to publish a new WD to replace the current 
> Technical Report and to clearly indicate the spec is active. Is that 
> something you can do within the next week or two?

I think so, yes - though I may not have Anolis set up on any computer I'm carrying right now, so only if somebody else can run Anolis for me.. (I'm back home in one month or so, so I could presumably get the draft pubready all by myself then. I guess I could also add the cross-references manually for such a small spec..).

> Also, given this spec started in 2006, I'm wondering if it would be 
> practical or useful to put those features that have two or more 
> interoperable features in one spec and moving other less interoperable 
> features into a separate spec (like has been done with Selectors API and 

I'll look at this a bit, but I don't think the differences between a v.1 and v.2 would make much sense from an editing point of view. I'd be more inclined to call the spec "feature complete" at some point even though it may have to wait a few years for implementations to catch up before being officially blessed..

Received on Thursday, 27 February 2014 08:57:50 UTC