[admin] Mapping Blink Intent to {Implement,Ship} to Recommendation milestones? [Was: Re: Fwd: [blink-dev] Intent to implement: Push API]

On 3/11/14 5:45 PM, ext Mounir Lamouri wrote:
> FYI. For those not used to Blink's process, that doesn't mean the
> feature is planning to ship yet but Google is working on this. The API
> we are aiming for is a bit different from what the specification
> currently describes as mentioned in the original message.

Thanks for this info Mounir.

Since I'm one of "those", I'd like to understand if the Blink process 
has some type of mapping or considerations or guidelines re Intent to 
Implement and Intent to Ship vis-a-vis Recommendation milestones? Would 
you please elaborate on that or provide a link to such information?

Based on a quick scan of [blink-dev] for WebApps' specs, I noticed the 
following calls for input this month:

* Shadow DOM - WD - Intent to Ship
* Blob.close() - LC - Intent to Implement and Ship
* Push API - WD - Intent to Implement
* Gamepad API - WD - Intent to Ship

-Thanks, ArtB


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