Re: On starting WebWorkers with blob: URLs...

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 3:51 PM, Travis Leithead
<> wrote:
> Seems like our specs are getting a little behind implementations. In IE11 we are finding that several new sites, notably those using WebGL content, have a dependency on starting web workers with a Blob URL. As I understand it:
> The W3C Web Workers spec (CR stage) forbids use of the data and [implicitly] blob protocols
> The WHATWG HTML spec (Living stage) allows data protocol, but not blob.
> Implementations of Firefox and Chrome support blob protocols
> 1. Seems like a spec should say this somewhere...

Agreed! It's a bit tricky since the concept of origins and thus "same
origin" for data: and blob: is a bit unclear still. I.e. browsers
don't behave consistently. Definitely not between each other, and
sometimes not internally within a browser IIRC.

> 2. In the W3C where would we spec this? (Workers V2?)

I care less strongly about this. There's also the synchronous message
passing API which I'd still like to see added to the workers spec.

/ Jonas

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