RE: Form submission participation (was Re: Goals for Shadow DOM review)

From: Jonas Sicking <>

> I'm not sure if we should return a dictionary or an array. Keep in mind that a form control can have multiple values. This is something used by both <input multiple> and <select multiple>. Also keep in mind that order matters as many servers are sensitive to order.

I wonder if the existing `FormData` objects have something to say here? Could we use them? Are they constructible yet? (Are the constructors as easy to use as the syntaxes you propose?) Presumably the spec for those encapsulates most of the complexities involved here already.

> The other thing is that it would be great if elements that wanted to participate in submission didn't have to manually call addParticipant. This could be done by having the <form> element attempt check for a .formData property on any descendant that was added, and add any elements that has such a property as a participant automatically.

I really like this idea and the subsequent paragraphs in which you flesh it out. Makes great sense to me.

Received on Thursday, 20 February 2014 22:51:44 UTC