Re: [XHR2] anonymous same-origin requests (alter withCredentials)

> Why is "withCredentials" not supported for same-origin requests?
> Presumably because its default value is false, and changing such behavior would
> break backwards-compatibility?
> If so, I request to allow it to have three values:

Hi Rob,
I already suggested pretty much exactly this in
and follow-up mails like - apparently, the consensus was that it was too late to redefine withCredentials at that point. Regrettably. Now, if it's a requirement or considered a very good idea for Chrome extension use cases perhaps you can push back against those arguments - a tri-state withCredentials would certainly be my favoured outcome if we can get the implementors onboard and avoid breaking existing content ;-)

Received on Monday, 17 February 2014 10:39:33 UTC