[Custom Elements] attributeChanged not sufficient?


let me introduce my Custom Element scenario: an interactive map element, 
powered by one of the well-known JS APIs (such as Google Maps API or so).

Typically, the markup will be like

<my-map lat="..." lon="..." zoom="..." controls>

However, the underlying JS needs to know when this element's rendered 
size changes; the viewport needs to be filled with new map tiles and 
other geo data.

Typically, when using a plain JS API (and not a custom declarative 
markup), users are used to call a size synchronization routine, shall 
the map viewport change. This is no longer the case when a Custom 
Element is introduced (and scripting is replaced by declarative HTML).

A user may insert a map element anywhere in the page (see 
http://api4.mapy.cz/ for reference), including a variable-width box in a 
sidebar or so. This means that the <my-map> element itself cannot 
determine when its own (rendered) size changes, as the attributeChanged 
callback only applies to own attributes.

Is there some recommended way of dealing with this?

Ondrej Zara

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Received on Monday, 31 March 2014 16:51:09 UTC