Re: [HTML Imports]: Sync, async, -ish?

On 28 January 2014 18:19, Ryosuke Niwa <> wrote:
> > How about making link[rel=import] async by default, but make elements
> with a dash in the tagname display:none by default?
> Is it really the right thing to do in all cases?

Nope, but no default is. The default shouldn't be slow for the user.
<script>'s default is terrible, and we're still fighting its default with
education. <img>'s default however is pretty good.

> Isn't it better to delegate this to the component author?

Yep, you can get the blocking behaviour back. In fact, you can display:none
<body> until all your components are there if you want, but that's the bar
you should have to jump over to create something that results in the user
looking at a blank screen during loading.

> But that would mean that document authors need to be aware of exact
> dimensions, styles, theme, etc... of each component they use on the page,
> and add relevant CSS rules.  In addition, each component then needs to
> cancel/override those rules when they get instantiated.

Nope, in some cases appearing would be fine. In others you can reserve
space. In others you can show the inner data without interaction. If you
really must, you can show a blank screen until everything has loaded.

> > * Performance by default (we'd have made scripts async by default if we
> could go back right?)
> > * Avoids FOUC by default
> Could you clarify how this proposal avoids FOUC?  If unresolved elements
> were to be initially display: none and turns into display: block/inline
> later, then that would most likely cause a reflow/relayout of the page and
> causes a FOUC.

You never see a flash of unstyled content. Content is only shown once its
styles are ready.

Basically, html imports are taking cues from <script>, and script's default
behaviour is a mistake. If we must follow the behaviour of something
legacy, it should be <img>. Don't block rendering, show on load, allow the
user to do something more blocking if they must.

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