Re: [gamepad] preventing default/capturing controller

No takers on the idea of having some form of control - like a gamepad 
capture lock, or some way of preventDefault-ing gamepad controls before 
they're turned into mouse/cursor controls by the UA?

On 26/02/2014 10:16, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> "Currently, the only way for a gamepad to be used as input would be to
> emulate mouse or keyboard events"
> I'm wondering if it's in scope for this spec to also address the
> situation where a UA *does* already do this natively (for instance, IE
> on Xbox One) - analog stick moving an on-screen mouse pointer, d-pad
> firing cursor event.
> A few precedents that may be worth looking at:
> - Pointer Lock API
> - Opera's spatial navigation on TV browsers, which can be
> preventDefault-ed if the website/app wants to handle d-pad input (mapped
> to cursor keys already, mind) on a remote control
> - Boxee's (discontinued) API to explicitly switch browser into different
> modes (cursor, keyboard, player)
> There's an argument that this should be left completely up to the UA,
> and that users should switch the UA into different modes. However, at
> the very least it would be nice then to have a way for a site/app to
> *signal* that it can handle direct gamepad input.
> Thoughts?
> P

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