Re: Form submission participation (was Re: Goals for Shadow DOM review)

Hi Jonas,

You wrote:

> I'm not sure if we should return a dictionary or an array.

Yeah, it should be an array.

> The other thing is that it would be great if elements that wanted to
> participate in submission didn't have to manually call addParticipant.


> This could be done by having the <form> element attempt check for a
> .formData property on any descendant that was added, and add any
> elements that has such a property as a participant automatically.

That doesn't handle this case:

<form><p contenteditable></form>

I'd like a way to declaratively say that that contenteditable
participates with name foo.

The obvious thing would be to literally add name=foo, but that doesn't
work because of

<form><a name=foo></a></form>

so we'd need a different attribute name. participant=foo or something.

> We could even make the built-in form controls like <input> and
> <select> have a .formData() function which returns data in whatever
> format we decide is the right one.

Right. toFormData() or the like, parallel to toJSON().

> The only tricky part is that form.controls is a live array. I don't
> see a way of making form.controls contain custom elements without
> synchronously running getters whenever an element is added as a
> descendant of a <form>, which is not something we want to do. But live
> arrays are evil anyway so we can probably just ignore integration with
> that and instead add a form.getParticipants() function which returns a
> non-live array of all participants.

Yeah, I think we just say that form.controls is the legacy feature that
only exposes built-in controls. form.getParticipants() works for me.


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