Re: [File System APIs] If one is good, then two must be better?

On 1/31/14 10:44 AM, ext Ian Clelland wrote:
> Hi Art,
> For what it's worth, theFile API: Directories and System is also 
> implemented (and supported) by Apache Cordova[1]. The implementation 
> is essentially complete for mobile applications on Android, iOS and 
> FireOS, with nearly-complete support on Blackberry and Windows Phone.
> While our plugin registry was counting downloads, it was the 
> most-downloaded plugin for the platform by a wide margin, so I believe 
> it is being used actively.

Thanks for this information Ian!

> I don't know if Cordova should count as a browser implementation for 
> the purposes of this WG, but we are implementing the APIs and making 
> them available to (hybrid) web application developers.

The group has some flexibility regarding the specifics of the 
interoperability criteria used to advance a spec along the 
Recommendation track, but we haven't talked about the criteria for these 
specs since they are still working drafts. That said, I believe all of 
WebApps' Candidate Recommendations have included a "CR exit criteria" 
along the lines of "the spec will not advance to Proposed Recommendation 
until two or more independent implementations pass its test suite" and 
our interpretation of "independent implementations" has been browsers 
(and not solutions like the Cordova APIs).


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