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On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 3:22 AM, Scott Wilson wrote:

> Hmm. Does this take us back to viewmodes [1]? For example you also have the ability on Windows Phone to have the live tiles view, with primary and secondary tiles, and both square and wide tiles...

I thought it did, but I don’t think it does… not yet anyway - but we are seeing a lot of overlap in the discussion (“windowed”, “fullscreen” for now).   

> Also it may be necessary to consider where apps are intended not to take over the device, but as additional content within another platform, e.g.: OpenSocial has 'canvas', 'profile' views, etc. However I think OpenSocial is heading towards the option of just using adaptive CSS, along with contextual metadata from the container platform via AJAX.
That might work better, specially if we ever get @viewport support in browsers.  
> [1]

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