[Bug 24421] [Shadow]: Clarify that Shadow DOM spec takes care of nodes which are *inDocument*.


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--- Comment #6 from Hayato Ito <hayato@chromium.org> ---
Yeah, I assumed that Polymer doesn't depend on event dispatching in detached

However, there is still a possibility that Polymer uses distribution result
through some APIs, such as getDistributedNodes(), even in detached nodes. In
addition that, I've heard that Polyfill does composition even in detached
nodes. That might not be intentional and might not be required, however, for
the safety and consistency between Polyfill and native Shadow DOM, I've
reverted the chromium side patch, https://codereview.chromium.org/133213008/.

As for the spec, let me leave the spec as is and close this bug.
It might be safer to make the behavior of detached nodes *undefined*.
If we can feel we should support distributions even in detached nodes, we can
relax this restriction in the future without breaking incompatibility if we
leave it *undefined*.

Please file a bug for 'Support distributions even for detached nodes' as
another issue.

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