Re: [gamepad] preventing default/capturing controller

On 14/03/2014 15:52, Ted Mielczarek wrote:
> After ruminating, though, my thought was that an explicit API is
> probably not necessary--if a web page accesses the Gamepad API at all
> then the browser can relinquish using the controller as navigation to
> allow the page to do its thing.

Yes, that sort of automagic behavior could also work (perhaps coupled 
with a dialog similar to fullscreen mode - asking for forgiveness - or 
access to geolocation API - asking for permission).

Would this be happen when, say, getGamepads is being called? And would 
any time spent approving, for instance, block the page's JS? I guess it 
would depend on the logic implemented in the page (does it just check 
getGamepads once, or continues polling until a gamepad is detected).

>The only thing necessary is for the
> browser to have some way to "break out" of this mode so the user can
> dismiss the page or navigate somewhere else.

And potentially once the user "breaks out", fire a gamepaddisconnected 

> Thoughts? This is certainly something that the spec should talk about,
> since it will impact usage on consoles which is a pretty important use case.

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