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> Let me try and repeat this back to you, standards-nerd-style:
> Now that we have custom elements, there's even more need for notifying a
> style engine of a change in internal elements state -- that is, without
> expressing it in attributes (class names, ids, etc.). We want the ability
> to make custom pseudo classes.
> Now, Busta Rhymes-style
> Yo, I got change
> In my internal state.
> Style resolution
> It ain't too late.
> We got solution!
> To save our a**ses
> That's right, it's custom pseudo classes.
> :DG<
Probably it comes as no shock that I agree with our want to push Custom
Pseudo-Class forward, and I am *very* pro experimenting in the community
(#extendthewebforward), so - in fact, I am already experimenting with both
Custom Pseudo-Classes in general and this specific case (returning a
promise).  I'm happy to go that route entirely, but I'm sharing because I
am seeing a fair amount of confusion over :unresolved as currently defined.
 In the least case, we might make an effort to spell it out in the spec a
little more and let people know when we talk to them.  Ultimately, from
what I am seeing on the ground, it seems like :loaded or :ready or
something which is potentially component author-informed is actually
actually way more useful a thing for us to wind up with.... We'll see, I'm
not trying to push it on anyone, I'm just trying to pick the brains of
smart people and provide feedback into the system (tighten the feedback
loop, right).

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