Re: Do we need a rendering spec?


Hi Dimitri,

You wrote, to the WebApps WG:

> As HTML imports [1] are implemented across browsers, there’s a potential
> for diversity of opinion in how rendering of documents with imports
> occurs. What blocks rendering? What doesn’t? To prevent the inevitable
> pain of converging on a de-facto standard behavior, it would be
> super-nice to have precise documentation of when the rendering engine
> should start (and stop) rendering the document.
> The specific problem we (the imports people) are interested in is “when
> do things first appear on screen?”, and we could definitely hack up some
> vague informative prose in the HTML Imports spec in the short term.
> But long-term, do we (the W3C people) want a rendering spec?

When this has come up in the past, the CSS WG has chosen not to do this.
If you think the platform needs such a spec, I encourage you to engage
with the layout and rendering experts of the CSS WG to make your case.


P.S. For folk who don't follow public-webapps, the thread is here:

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