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On 1/27/14 10:48 AM, ext Marcos Caceres wrote:
> I'm wondering if we can change the group's work mode to not requiring CFCs for ordinary working drafts? Unless I'm not getting something, they seem to add an unnecessary delay to getting stuff published.
Hi Marcos,

Strictly speaking there is no requirement to record the group's 
consensus to publish a *plain* WD. However, given WebApps does [for all 
practical purposes] all of its technical work asynchronously and has a 
very broad set of specs, at least some [perhaps the majority?] of 
members don't follow every spec in detail (f.ex. tracking a spec's 
check-ins). As such, I think a CfC for these WDs is useful since it 
provides a heads-up to members the Editor(s) has made sufficient updates 
that they would like to publish a new TR. I (personally) don't follow 
every commit for every spec and tend to think the principle of least 
surprise suggests it wouldn't be especially inclusive for an Editor to 
unilaterally decide to publish a new TR.

That said, I'm certainly open for ways to reduce overhead and delays 
although in this case, since the XHR spec work started in 2006, I'm not 
sure a few days to give people a chance to review/comment before 
publishing a new WD really does constitute a [significant] "delay". 
(FYI, a quick scan of the group's mail archives shows about 12 CfC for 
plain WDs in 2013 among the group's 4K+ emails.)

If there is consensus a 7-day CfC to publish a plain WD is problematic, 
the duration of the CfC could be reduced. Another option would be for 
the Editor(s) to issue some type of "Intent to Publish new WD" and give 
people a few days for comments. Perhaps there are other options too but 
I do think we should have an expectation that group members are at least 
given a heads-up before a new WD is published.

Feedback from others is definitely encouraged!

-Thanks, AB

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