Re: [webcomponents] Encapsulation and defaulting to open vs closed (was in www-style)

On 2/14/14 10:07 PM, Ryosuke Niwa wrote:
> We most vigorously object to making the CSS style resolver depend on JS
> DOM object properties.

Ryosuke, I think you misunderstood the proposal.  I'm pretty sure we all 
object to having the CSS style resolver depend on anything that involves 
JS properties.  But it's not necessarily a problem to have it depends on 
internal node state that can be set via DOM APIs (e.g. it already 
depends on DOM attribute values and whatnot).

So in implementation terms, an element would just have an internal 
boolean and setting "this.shadowRoot = undefined" or whatnot would set 
that boolean; the CSS machinery would read that boolean.  That seems 
fairly workable to me; whether it's the sort of API we want is a 
separate issue that I have no opinion on.


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