Re: Proposal Virtual Reality "View Lock" Spec

>I published an article today that explains how we can build VR experiences in today's web browsers on top of the deviceorientation event:

>There's also a simple VR demo available @
>Let me know if you see anything missing from there. A lot of what you are requesting may be best left up to fully-featured 3D frameworks.
>- Rich

One of the first things I found was this. The issue is a VR has a frame of reference. That is motion is relative to some defined object like a head tracking camera. If your spec had relative offsets for its positioning on top of just the acceleration then it might work. Basically optional parameters to the event. Also as I asked in another post I'm not sure if position and acceleration are enough and if we should also have velocity also. (rather than the user computing it). As for orientation though the same applies. Do we need angular acceleration and angular velocity? Someone here might know.

Received on Thursday, 27 March 2014 07:03:34 UTC