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[CSSWG][css-cascade-3] Last Call WD for CSS3 Cascade fantasai (Wednesday, 31 July)

[CSSWG][css-values] Updated CR of CSS Values and Units Level 3 fantasai (Wednesday, 31 July)

Re: [css-text] text-align-last and cascading Bert Bos (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css-regions] Editorial comment on pseudo-elements processing model Mihai Balan (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-279: text-combine-horizontal & full/half-width characters Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-278: Characters vs code points Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-277: text-combine-horizontal:all, the element and any descendants Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-276: text-combine-horizontal:all id Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-275: Digit 1 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 31 July)

Re: [css3-ui] objections to nav-* properties Leif Arne Storset (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css3-text] indices and animatable John Daggett (Wednesday, 31 July)

[css-fonts][css-text] letter-spacing vs. font-variant-ligatures fantasai (Tuesday, 30 July)

Agenda conf call 31-jul-2013 Linss, Peter (Tuesday, 30 July)

[css-regions] Async events, events coalescing, magic stuffs François REMY (Tuesday, 30 July)

[CSS21] Reviews and tests needed for errata Rebecca Hauck (Tuesday, 30 July)

[css3-multicol] wide column-rule [overlaps | is overlapped by] adjacent column boxes ? Gérard Talbot (Monday, 29 July)

[css-counter-styles] The duplication of `bengali` and `eastern-nagari` may not be necessary 梁海 (Monday, 29 July)

[css-cascade][Editorial] "avoid retrieving resources" with MQs in @import Simon Sapin (Monday, 29 July)

CSS Engine Style Invalidation Strategy François REMY (Monday, 29 July)

[css3-multicol] Tests with wide or excessively wide column-gap Gérard Talbot (Monday, 29 July)

[css3-page] Styling elements differently based on whether they appear on a left or right page Lea Verou (Saturday, 27 July)

[css3list] minus character Brad Kemper (Saturday, 27 July)

[css-regions] Reworking getNamedFlows() François REMY (Saturday, 27 July)

[css-text] text-shadow and inset Tab Atkins Jr. (Friday, 26 July)

[counter-styles] Tests Richard Ishida (Friday, 26 July)

[css3-images] 'image-resolution: from-image' based on resolution X / Y Simon Sapin (Friday, 26 July)

[css3-images] Units for `image-resolution: from-image` Simon Sapin (Friday, 26 July)

Re: [css3-images] `image-resolution: span` and transformations. Simon Sapin (Friday, 26 July)

[CSSWG][css-counter-styles] LCWD of CSS Counter Styles Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 25 July)

[css-selectors] Selecting non-element nodes François REMY (Thursday, 25 July)

[css-regions] Editorial comment on content chain order François REMY (Thursday, 25 July)

[css-regions] Review of W3C tests François REMY (Thursday, 25 July)

Predefined Counter Styles Draft Published Richard Ishida (Thursday, 25 July)

[css3-background][Editorial] background-color computed value Lea Verou (Thursday, 25 July)

[css-break] Behavior of breaks in <BR> elements Manuel Rego Casasnovas (Tuesday, 23 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-07-24 fantasai (Wednesday, 24 July)

CSS Variables in Last Call Philippe Le Hegaret (Wednesday, 24 July)

Agenda conf call 24-jul-2013 Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 23 July)

[css-syntax] Drafted a new "CSS Stylesheet" section, please comment Simon Sapin (Tuesday, 23 July)

hi. Chris Nager (Tuesday, 23 July)

[css4-background] 9-part slicing images in background-image Dean Jackson (Monday, 22 July)

[css-cascade] all shorthand and UA defaults fantasai (Monday, 22 July)

Re: [css3-flexbox] stretch apply to percentage heights WAS: Children of flex items ignoring cross-axis percentage length fantasai (Monday, 22 July)

Grid track breadths shouldn't allow negative <length> or <percentage> Julien Chaffraix (Monday, 22 July)

[css3-multicol] column rules drawn between adjacent columns Gérard Talbot (Monday, 22 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-07-19 fantasai (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css-shapes] restricting <uri> in shape-outside to CORS-same-origin? Alan Stearns (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css-shapes][Editorial] Are SVG images allowed? Alan Stearns (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css-flexbox] "flex: 1;" does the wrong thing in min-size constraint sizing fantasai (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css-flexbox] "flex: 1;" does the wrong thing in min-size constraint sizing fantasai (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css3-flexbox] spec contradicts itself about display: table-row; flex items fantasai (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css3-text] letter-spacing examples fantasai (Friday, 19 July)

[css-flexbox][css-grid] Abspos static position / placeholders fantasai (Friday, 19 July)

Re: [css-flexbox] min-width/height: min-content defaults for replaced items and overflow containers fantasai (Thursday, 18 July)

[css-break] another fragmentation question François REMY (Thursday, 18 July)

[css3-ui] Support cropping in the middle of texts using 'text-overflow' Sebastian Zartner (Thursday, 18 July)

[css-shapes] what is the status of rtlflip? [I18N-ISSUE-274][I18N-ACTION-236] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 18 July)

A property for font antialiasing control on Mac OS X L. David Baron (Wednesday, 17 July)

[css3-ui] text-overflow should always crop the text when it doesn't fit into the container Sebastian Zartner (Wednesday, 17 July)

Agenda conf call 17-jul-2013 Peter Linss (Tuesday, 16 July)

[css3-values] Status of attr() Bear Travis (Tuesday, 16 July)

[css3-fonts] CSS3 Last Call Working Draft published John Daggett (Tuesday, 16 July)

Parentheses-free pseudo-elements François REMY (Monday, 15 July)

[css-exclusions][editorial] typo François REMY (Monday, 15 July)

[css3-writing-modes] Examples of normal, unscaled glyphs work better than width-variant glyphs for text-combine-horizontal Koji Ishii (Monday, 15 July)

[css-shapes] keyword 'curve' in basic shapes Dirk Schulze (Sunday, 14 July)

[reminder] W3C Workshop/industry consultation event in Paris, September 16th/17th, regarding publishing workflow Liam R E Quin (Saturday, 13 July)

specifying position:sticky Corey Ford (Friday, 12 July)

[cssom] Identifying types and shorthand and unsupported properties Leif Arne Storset (Friday, 12 July)

[css-size-adjust] Percentage-based adjustment Scott Johnson (Friday, 12 July)

[selectors-l4] a crazy observation? Brian Kardell (Friday, 12 July)

[filter-effects] url() as pass-through on invalid reference? Dirk Schulze (Friday, 12 July)

[css-animations] CSSRule additions Ms2ger (Friday, 12 July)

Re: text-overflow:ellipsis and text-overflow:<string> need to truncate bidi text logically Aharon (Vladimir) Lanin (Friday, 12 July)

CSS3 Positioned Layout Glenn Adams (Friday, 12 July)

[css3-shapes] Applicability of shapes Rossen Atanassov (Thursday, 11 July)

[selectors] Finding a way to run "complete" profile selectors in CSS Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 11 July)

[mediaqueries] MQs and seamless iframes Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 11 July)

Re: [css-backgrounds] Painting area and 'background-attachment: local' Simon Sapin (Thursday, 11 July)

[css-shapes] Using the rendered element as image source François REMY (Thursday, 11 July)

Re: [css-masking] 'mask: none' clear all masking operations Dirk Schulze (Thursday, 11 July)

[CSS Image Sizing] Sizing with Alt Text Sudarshan (Thursday, 11 July)

Re: [css-overflow-3] ::nth-fragment inspiration (Was: [2003] text flow from one element to pseudo-element) L. David Baron (Thursday, 11 July)

[css-grid] grid-auto-flow packing Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 10 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-07-10 fantasai (Wednesday, 10 July)

[css-regions][css-break] Nested & grouped regions breaking rules François REMY (Wednesday, 10 July)

[css-shapes] Allow percentage-based shapes on auto-sized elements Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 10 July)

[css-regions] restricting flow-from further Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 10 July)

Errata change for Media Queries 3 Philippe Le Hegaret (Wednesday, 10 July)

inline-block baseline when the baseline would be outside of the element Christian Biesinger (Wednesday, 10 July)

[selector-profiles] confusion Brian Kardell (Wednesday, 10 July)

[css3-fonts] ordinals fantasai (Wednesday, 10 July)

[css-text-decor] Text Decoration Positioning Update fantasai (Wednesday, 10 July)

[css-values-4] inherit(<integer>) Lea Verou (Wednesday, 10 July)

Agenda conf call 10-jul-2013 Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 9 July)

[css-writing-modes][naming] Inheritance of text-combine fantasai (Tuesday, 9 July)

Re: [css-regions] Invalid access in NamedFlowCollection Erik Arvidsson (Tuesday, 9 July)

[css3-writing-modes] 'digits' value of 'text-combine-horizontal' needs tighter wording John Daggett (Tuesday, 9 July)

[css3-writing-modes] tatechuyoko examples from IE11 (Windows 8.1 Preview) John Daggett (Monday, 8 July)

Re: [CSS21][css3-text] letter-spacing, word-spacing and justification Andrew Cunningham (Sunday, 7 July)

[css3-fonts] updated CSSFontFeatureValuesRule interface John Daggett (Friday, 5 July)

Re: [CSSOM View] Units for window.screen Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Friday, 5 July)

[css3-writing-modes] tatechuyoko examples with real vs. synthetic glyphs John Daggett (Thursday, 4 July)

Re: [css-ui] “::resizer” proposal and clarification of the “cursor”value 一丝 (Thursday, 4 July)

Re: Relatively positioned box inside an absolutely positioned box Glen Huang (Thursday, 4 July)

[css3-writing-modes] auto scaling and 'text-combine-horizontal' John Daggett (Thursday, 4 July)

[selectors4] hash reference, reverse reference, and multi-reference combinators James Craig (Thursday, 4 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-07-03 fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

Re: [cssom][css-cascade] Access to specified or cascaded values in OM? Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 3 July)

Re: [cssom] Proposal for obtaining robust style information via Javascript - getStyle() Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 3 July)

[selectors4] Request for :role() selector (matches computed role using UA internals, not attribute substring matching) James Craig (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-06-26 fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-06-19 fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 PM III: Reversing Transitions, Parens and Escapes, Alignment fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 Fri PM II: Backporting Changes, Text Decoration, Table Cell Stacking Contexts fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 Thu AM PM I: Fonts fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-07 Fri Noonish: Grid Layout fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[css-text] text-align-last usage Rossen Atanassov (Wednesday, 3 July)

Re: [css-display]? Compositing, expensive things, and laziness Robert O'Callahan (Wednesday, 3 July)

Re: [CSS21][css3-text] letter-spacing, word-spacing and justification Liam R E Quin (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 Thu PM II: Events, Fragmentation, Shapes fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 PM I: Fonts Part I fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 Thu AM II/PM I: Syntax fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

[CSSWG] Minutes Tokyo F2F 2013-06-06 Thu AM I: CSSWG Priorities fantasai (Wednesday, 3 July)

RE: [CSS21][css3-text] letter-spacing, word-spacing and justification Stephen Zilles (Tuesday, 2 July)

Agenda conf call 03-jul-2013 Peter Linss (Tuesday, 2 July)

Re: Github mirror: how does it work? Peter Linss (Tuesday, 2 July)

Re: [css-variables] CSSVariablesMap enumeration Erik Arvidsson (Tuesday, 2 July)

Re: [css3-fonts][cssom] CSSFontFeatureValuesRule vs. CSSKeyframesRule John Daggett (Tuesday, 2 July)

ITS 2.0, Selectors 4 and Selectors API 2 Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 2 July)

[css-cascade] Dropping 'default' fantasai (Monday, 1 July)

[css-selectors][css-syntax] HTML5 Attribute names in CSS? François REMY (Monday, 1 July)

[selectors4] Using the complete profile in non-interactive media? Lea Verou (Monday, 1 July)

Re: lazy loading for images via css Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 1 July)

Re: [cssom] Author-defined at-rules Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 1 July)

Re: [css-lists] size of images used as list-style-image Leif Arne Storset (Monday, 1 July)

[css3-writing-modes] real vs. synthetic width glyphs John Daggett (Monday, 1 July)

Re: [css-syntax] string to number feedback Simon Sapin (Monday, 1 July)

RE: [css-shapes] Can I start a new editor's draft for level 2? Rossen Atanassov (Monday, 1 July)

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