Re: [selector-profiles] confusion

On 7/11/13 9:17 AM, "Fran├žois REMY" <> wrote:

>>>> Or there could just be a @static rule,
>>>> with everything inside running statically,
>>>> including fast selectors. Just an idea.
>>>What do you actually mean by 'running statically'? Being executed only
>>>once at the page load? If the page takes a while to load, which is
>>>commonly the case on mobile phones & cellular connections, your style
>>>even never get applied using that strategy.
>> If something runs once the page loads, why wouldn't it run if the load
>> slow? It'd never get applied if the load never completes but that'd be
>> true whether the UA runs on a mobile device or a desktop.
>Well, I just meant that some pages just never execute the load event on
>mobile phones because they actually never stop loading in a reasonable
>timeframe (ie: the user navigate away before the page finished loading).
>Of course if you let your phone download the page without interacting
>with it, the event will eventually fire at some point.

In which case anything that depends on the load event never happens; which
can cause loads of other problems (bad pun). So this issue isn't related
to Lea's suggestion per se.

>Anyway, I do think that selectors that are evaluated only once will be a
>pain for developers. It would be very hard to debug them, or even report
>them in debug tools. This is not to say it's impossible, but that would
>be messy... 

Assuming you can even come up with a definition of 'once' that aligns with
whatever use-cases would motivate this. I've lost track of what it is
we're trying to solve here.           

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