Re: [css-flexbox] "flex: 1;" does the wrong thing in min-size constraint sizing

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 8:30 PM, fantasai <> wrote:
> On 05/14/2013 05:30 PM, Daniel Holbert wrote:
>> Aside: the flexbox spec actually used to have 0% as the default
>> flex-basis value in the flex shorthand, but it this default changed from
>> "0%" to "the length zero" in this commit from August:
>> At first I thought it might've been a mistake (since the commit message
>> sounds like it wasn't intending to change meaning), but I don't think it
>> was a mistake, because the next changeset replaced "0%" with "0px" in a
>> several other places, e.g.:
>> fantasai or Tab, do you happen to recall the reason for that change?  (I
>> searched my www-style archive for "flex-basis", but I couldn't find
>> anything related, in the timeframe of those commits.)
> I honestly can't remember the reason for that change. Probably some
> internal discussion between me and Tab, though I don't recall whether
> it was intended to be substantive or editorial.

It was intended to be editorial.  We didn't realize that it actually
changed meaning, due to the weirdness of percentages.  (The fact that
0% can't compute to 0 is definitely weird from an intuitive
standpoint, though it of course makes sense when you step back and
value consistency and lack of rounding-sensitive behavior.)


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