Re: [selectors] Finding a way to run "complete" profile selectors in CSS

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On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 7:16 AM, Timmy <> wrote:
> This doesn't seem like the best API to me. If the problem is that we'd like
> to be able to use selectors in the complete profile in CSS (rather than
> through QSA), you're still required to call a javascript function (i.e. the
> proposed .CSS) to use them? I say let's have a solution that is purely CSS.
> Perhaps this was already suggested, but what about taking a queue from
> javascript strict mode and adding some sort of CSS statement to effectively
> "turn on" selectors in the complete profile? It would be a way for the
> developer to say that she is aware they are slower, but wants to use them
> anyway. Perhaps this flag could be scoped so that it could be applied only
> to a style element or only to a particular stylesheet.
> This seems simpler to me than the deferred at rule (as styles from the
> complete profile can be anywhere in a user's CSS rather than separated into
> at rules). If any of the selectors from the complete profile get fast enough
> to warrant addition to the fast profile, no changes to code are necessary
> (they just get faster).

This would just be a "please make my entire page run slower" switch,
which isn't acceptable.  What's worse, it would probably work fine on
the developer's high-end desktop or beefy laptop that they're coding
on, but then be super-slow on a user's mobile phone.


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