Re: [css-cascade] Dropping 'default'

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 12:52 PM, fantasai <> wrote:
> So, while creating examples for the 'default' keyword,
> Tab and I realized two things:
>   1. There is no good use case for this. There are some problems
>      it halfway solves (like undoing display: none), but will be
>      better solved by other mechanisms we have in the pipeline.
>   2. Default is a terrible name for "initial-or-inherit". Consider:
>        html { font: 16px Authors Favorite Font; }
>        article.main  { font: default; /* use user's default */ }
>      You'd think that would work, right? But it doesn't work,
>      because 'default' in this case resolves to 'inherit'.

3. The .defaultStyle object defined by CSSOM (which seems useful)
actually returns a different value than either of the current
proposals for 'default'; CSSOM runs both cascading and inheritance
without author styles, while the keyword currently only affects the
cascade (author rules from further up the tree can still inherit into
the element).


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