[css3-writing-modes] tatechuyoko examples from IE11 (Windows 8.1 Preview)

I sat down today and wrote a testcase to test the rendering quality of
-ms-text-combine-horizontal in IE11, which ships with Windows 8.1
Preview.  Included in the post below are a set of screenshots showing
how IE11 renders tatechuyoko runs in a different situations.


As with other existing implementations, the MS implementation makes
use of width variants.  There are multiple problems here, but it's a
pre-release version so that's to be expected.  The vertical spacing of
tatechuyoko runs is off, the placement of glyphs doesn't appear to be
centered, and the full-width glyph synthesis problem shows up in the
case of MS Mincho (which lacks width variants).


John Daggett

Received on Monday, 8 July 2013 04:23:28 UTC