Re: [css3-page] Styling elements differently based on whether they appear on a left or right page

I think this is very intuitive too, it's what I first tried when I realized it didn't work and did some research on whether CSS rules are allowed within @page rules.

Lea Verou
W3C developer relations ✿ @leaverou

On Jul 31, 2013, at 20:15, Brad Kemper <> wrote:

> On Jul 30, 2013, at 6:14 AM, Alan Stearns <> wrote:
>> That's what Lea was originally asking for. I think it would be a good
>> thing to add. I think float:outside/inside are fine as well. But a general
>> mechanism for styling content on left/right pages would be better than
>> adding special-case values to each property you might want to change
>> depending on the spread location.
> Let us also not forget :first pages and named pages, which @page can select as easily as :left and :right. Thus, if the mechanism is an @content{} block with rulesets within, itself inside the @page{} block, then it would be a good general way of styling content based on if it appears in right/left/first/or other special pages. 

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