Re: [selector-profiles] confusion

Here’s another idea: 

Adding a CSSOM method on CSSStyleSheet that applies/updates such rules every time it runs. The author could then decide at which point to run it and even when it needs to update. Best of both worlds :)


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> On Thursday 2013-07-11 18:46 +0300, Lea Verou wrote:
>> Or there could just be a @static rule, with everything inside
>> running statically, including fast selectors. Just an idea.
> I don't think this works, since either:
> (a) these selectors don't run until the page is loaded completely,
> leaving the page in a broken state until it loads, or
> (b) these selectors run once at some point doing pageload, and thus
> whether they match depends on exactly what the points of
> incremental loading are.  For example, a selector like:
>   !.article > h2
> won't match when the network packet boundary happens to come
> between <div class="article"> and <h2>.  This sort of
> nondeterministic behavior is unacceptable; authors won't understand
> it, and will blame the browser, or authors won't even see it, and
> the users will blame the browser.
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