Re: [selectors-l4] a crazy observation?

On Jul 12, 2013 12:40 PM, "Tab Atkins Jr." <> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 5:55 AM, Brian Kardell <> wrote:
> > I would like to propose something that may seem crazy: please don't
> > me.
> >
> > I think we are barking up the wrong tree with the slow selectors  in L4
> > entirely.  What if we were to remove them altogether and instead make it
> > possible to create author defined pseudos.  Tab mentioned this on his
> > (see polyfills section toward end).
> > these would present a kind of single challenge and -may- introduce a new
> > kind of perf expectation - none of it would necessarily place an
> > unreasonable blame on an implementer for a specific feature, we could
> > ideas (maybe even limited optimization strategies) to  compete in the
> > and collect data.  A single polyfill (developed and presented with a
> > could lift all boats in the meantime.
> Polyfills are not a replacement for native functionality.  Enabling
> them is a great idea, so we can more easily fill in support for older
> browsers and experiment with new things, but proposing that we remove
> useful functionality in favor of just doing it all in JS isn't great.
> ~TJ

That isn't what i am proposing at all though Tab.  I am merely proposing
that prioritizing a means for extension is time better spent than debating
whether we can or cannot implement fairly specific and potentially
problematic features in CSS...

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