Re: [css4-background] 9-part slicing images in background-image

On 24/07/2013, at 12:00 AM, Brad Kemper <> wrote:

> On Jul 22, 2013, at 4:57 PM, "Tab Atkins Jr." <> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 4:44 PM, Dean Jackson <> wrote:
>>> It would be very nice if the background-image property provided the same functionality as border-image with slicing and stretching 9-part images. Of course there would be some syntactic issues, but 9-part designs are very popular and powerful, especially with responsive designs. It is a shame they are only supported by borders.
>>> Is there interest in such an enhancement?
>> If so, I feel strongly that it should be a generic image manipulator,
>> rather than a specialization for 'background'.  Being able to 9-slice
>> an image and specify stretching behavior sounds possibly useful!
> What could you do with it that can't be done with border image?

All the things a background can do that a border can't. e.g. positioning, repeating, multiple images

> If it is just multiple layers, then maybe that could be added to border image. I'd rather not have multiple ways of creating the exact same effects.

It's more than backgrounds. As Tab mentions, the idea is a single image resource that can be used anywhere that accepts an image.


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