Re: [css3-writing-modes] real vs. synthetic width glyphs

Koji Ishii wrote:

> > Koji, we're specifying a spec for web content not for
> > Word/Ichitaro/InDesign. If existing web forms on some Japanese sites
> > already require the use of full-width digits for address entry, it
> > doesn't make sense to assert that there won't be content using
> > full-width digits when those same addresses happen to be displayed
> > vertically.
> I understand that. The point neither of us can assert is that if web
> authors want to use CSS to make form-entered address entries into
> vertical flow with text-combine-horizontal: digits 2 without any
> pre-processing of text. My guess is no, and it looks like you think
> it's a valid use case.

I'm not "guessing" here, I'm simply considering the range of
possibilities.  Given the *existing* use of full-width digits in
Japanese webpages, we need to make this feature work for those
codepoints rather than make assumptions based on word processing

> I'm ok to require it if you strongly insist, but if we do, I would
> like to make Kana as exception to convert to half-width. 

I'm fine with this as long as it's a simple, fully-specified rule.  No
one uses half-width kana in tatechuyoko runs, can we at least agree on


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