Re: [css-shapes] what is the status of rtlflip? [I18N-ISSUE-274][I18N-ACTION-236]

On 7/17/13 6:44 PM, "Phillips, Addison" <> wrote:

>Hello WWW-Style,
>The I18N WG tasked me [1] with writing to you about the CSS Shapes FWPD
>Basically our comment [3] on this document has to do with the effect of
>right-to-left contexts on shapes. We are unclear on what the status of
>the proposed 'rtlflip' attribute is and/or how writing-mode might affect
>shapes. Can you please clarify?

I don't have an answer on the status of rtlflip. But on the shapes side of
things, we are considering adding either an 'image' keyword to
shape-outside or supporting the element() function [1] for images, where
the result would create a shape out of the alpha channel of the displayed
image. This would take into account any transformations or content fit
applied to the image, so it would include the effect of rtlflip, if that's




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