[css3-multicol] Tests with wide or excessively wide column-gap




When width of column-gaps equal the available width of a multi-column
element, then used column-width of colum boxes should be 0px.

(11)  if (column-width = auto) and (column-count != auto) then
(12)    N := column-count;
(13)    W := max(0, (available-width - ((N - 1) * column-gap)) / N);
(14)  exit;

  used width == max(0, (12em - ((3 - 1) * 6em)) / 3);
  used width == max(0, (12em - (2 * 6em)) / 3);
  used width == max(0, (12em - 12em) / 3);
  used width == max(0, 0em / 3);
  used width == 0px

So, in this test, there should be 3 column boxes of each 0px wide. Now,
§8.1 states:
Content in the normal flow that extends into column gaps (e.g., long words
or images) is clipped in the middle of the column gap.

So, I believe only the first 3 "x" of the <span id="pink"> should be
displayed. And only the first 3 "x" of the <span id="orange"> should be

§8.2 states:
overflow outside multicol elements

Content and column rules that extend outside column boxes at the edges of
the multi-column element are clipped according to the ‘overflow’ property.

And so (since default, initial value of 'overflow' is 'visible'), the 4
"x" of the <span id="purple"> should be displayed, with the first,
leftmost one overlapping the border-right. The 3 rightmost "x" of the span
id="purple" should extend outside the multi-column element.

The 2 blue column rules should be rendered too, with the left half
(0.75em) of the first column rule overlapping the 3rd pink "x" and the
left half (0.75em) of the 2nd column rule overlapping the 3rd orange "x".

I believe the reftest is wrong.

What am I missing?




Here, the 2 column-gaps excede the available width. What should happen in
such case?

Should the given algorithm in §3.4 still be used? Because it seems (lines
11 to 14 mentioned above) can still apply...

If we follow the given algorithm in §3.4, then used width of column boxes
should be again 0.

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