Re: [css3-writing-modes] Examples of normal, unscaled glyphs work better than width-variant glyphs for text-combine-horizontal

On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 16:03:22 +0200, John Daggett <>  

> The majority of common Japanese
> platform and publishing fonts ship with fixed-width digits (*not*
> proportional!) and the default glyphs are typically wider than 0.5em.
> I did some quick measurements for common Windows, OSX and publishing
> fonts.  [...]
> Only the last font in the list had variable-width digit glyphs and
> those are all wider than 0.5em.
> So on average for these fonts, the width of two-digit pairs will be
> roughly 1.2em and scaling will occur.

At this point in the debate, I think I have seen enough arguments on both  
to form an opinion. This discussion was worth having, as it really did  
the subtleties of what we're dealing with, but I think we should now be  
able to

I side with John. I believe the other use cases defended by Koji and  
can be address by additional controls introduced in a later level.

  - Florian

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