Re: [css-break] another fragmentation question

Fran├žois REMY <> writes:

> Hi,
> Here's another css-break question to queue into your "to-look-at" list. This time, I would like to understand whether the Gecko behavior is valid according to the fragmentation spec or not.
> The test case contain a single block element whose vertical padding makes it too tall for a fragmentainer. 
> Most browsers agrees that the break happens at the pixel line where the bottom padding starts to be too tall, but Firefox does make use a line break inside the block element itself in a way that looks odd to me.
> If you've some knowledge over fragmentation in html/css or some insight into gecko's layout procedures, your help could be valuable ;-)

I think Gecko is right, and that WebKit and Presto are wrong. Breaking
inside padding and borders should be avoided.

Gecko uses a class 2 opportunity (between the two line boxes). There are
no class 1 or 3 break opportunities in the test case.

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