Re: [css-regions] Invalid access in NamedFlowCollection

>On 7/9/13 1:12 PM, "Erik Arvidsson" <> wrote:
>>On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 4:34 PM, Alan Stearns <> wrote:
>>>On 8/29/12 9:53 AM, "Boris Zbarsky" <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU> wrote:
>>>>On 8/29/12 12:46 PM, Mihai Balan wrote:
>>>>Currently the spec says that should a script try to retrieve an
>>>>inexistent object from a NamedFlowCollection, either by using an
>>>>out-of-range index or an invalid name, it should return **null**.
>>>>I think it would be better to return **undefined** instead, for a
>>>>of reasons:
>>>>¡¤Currently all JavaScript and HTMLCollection-s return **undefined** for
>>>>invalid keys (e.g. Array, document.forms, document.querySelectorAll() )
>>>>¡¤Also, in general, null doesn©öt mean that there©ös nothing there, but
>>>>actually that something might be there, but it©ös not a definite object
>>>>Anyone has any thoughts on this?
>>>Won't you get the "undefined" behavior for free if you use sane
>>>definitions of the supported names and indices in your prose?
>>>I agree that the undefined behavior is better, btw: it also makes "in"
>>>work correctly and such.
>>I agree as well. I've made the change.
>All the item and namedItem methods returns null in the DOM. It is the
>JS [[Get]] that returns undefined and not null. The following asserts
>hold true at all times:
>assert(collection.item(42) === null);
>assert(collection.namedItem('foobar') === null);
>assert(collection[42] === undefined);
>assert(collection['foobar'] === undefined);

I have reverted the change. The NamedFlowCollection methods now return
null if there is no NamedFlow with the provided index or name.



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