Re: [css-overflow-3] ::nth-fragment inspiration (Was: [2003] text flow from one element to pseudo-element)

On Thu, 11 Jul 2013 02:00:27 +0200, L. David Baron <>

> The current iteration began during a working group meeting when Alan
> and Florian were starting to explain a proposal [1], and I skipped
> ahead a little bit and thought that the proposal being explained was
> more like what is presented in the ::nth-fragment() feature, which I
> then decided I liked better than what was actually being proposed,
> which led to me writing a spec for it.  Or something like that; I
> admit my memory for this sort of thing isn't always as good as it
> feels like it is.

That's more or less it, although I don't think the ::nth-fragment()
feature you specified is very different from what we had in mind when
presenting. I think most differences, if any, probably arise more from
the fact that the concept and demo were quickly hacked together during
a coffee break than from actual disagreement.

What we proposed was also not really intended to be brand new, but rather
a timely revival of ideas that had been floating around for years,
and that looked like they actually had a chance in combination, given
the other specs in development and the interests of the members.

In any case, I am really happy the spec you wrote, and I can't wait for
this to be finalized and implemented.

  - Florian

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