Re: [mediaqueries] MQs and seamless iframes

On Thu, 11 Jul 2013 23:09:52 +0200, Tab Atkins Jr. <>  

> Should a seamless iframe resolve its MQs in its normal context, or in
> the context of the outer page?
> I think the latter.  For one thing, we avoid some possible circularity
> issues today due to the fact that iframes are replaced elements, and
> aren't sized according to their contents.  That means we can resolve
> the width MQs without issue.
> However, a seamless iframe's width *does* depend on its content.  This
> obviously causes issues.
> Another possible issue (and one that is relevant today, see
> <>) is that some things like
> the initial font size can vary based on the origin, and that is
> detectable in MQs.  Should a seamless iframe use the initial font size
> of its origin, or of the outer origin?
> More widely, what about other conditional rules, most specifically  
> @document?
> I think it makes the most sense to declare that, for the purpose of
> all conditional rules, seamless iframes are treated as being in the
> outer page.

For @document I am less sure, but for @media I fully agree with you.
"Element queries" are a tempting concept, but as you said, they
introduce circularity problems that media queries are not equipped
to deal with.

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