Re: A property for font antialiasing control on Mac OS X

Rik Cabanier wrote:

> I think most people wouldn't use this property to make text more legible.

There's a *huge* volume of pages surrounding the use of
'-webkit-font-smoothing', some insightful, some inane, but the bottom
line is that authors are using this to work around a deficiency of OSX
text rendering.  Not sure why you're asserting that it won't be used
to make text more legible.

> WebKit and most likely all other browsers will drop subpixel
> anti-aliasing when a block of text is animated on the GPU. This
> causes a notable shift in the text's appearance which is not
> desired. This is especially obvious with transitions.

There are all sorts of conditions under which either a user agent or
the underlying OS will disable subpixel antialiasing.  I think the
shift you're seeing is more an implementation deficiency rather than
something that needs addressing via an explicit property.

John Daggett

Received on Friday, 26 July 2013 05:08:09 UTC