Re: [css-overflow-3] ::nth-fragment inspiration (Was: [2003] text flow from one element to pseudo-element)

On Friday 2013-04-26 19:43 -0700, James Craig wrote:
> I had a serious case of deja vu while reading the ::nth-fragment portion of the CSS overflow spec. I requested text flow pseudo-elements in nearly identical form back in 2003 and again in 2006. I called it "flow" rather than "nth-fragment" but otherwise the proposal is the same. Needless to say, I'm in favor ::nth-fragment, and I even like the new name better. Glad to see the idea finally stuck, whether or not it was a conscious or subconscious inspiration. ;-)

Indeed.  It may well have been subconscious.

The current iteration began during a working group meeting when Alan
and Florian were starting to explain a proposal [1], and I skipped
ahead a little bit and thought that the proposal being explained was
more like what is presented in the ::nth-fragment() feature, which I
then decided I liked better than what was actually being proposed,
which led to me writing a spec for it.  Or something like that; I
admit my memory for this sort of thing isn't always as good as it
feels like it is.

Anyway, glad you're glad to see the idea stuck.



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