Re: [filter-effects] url() as pass-through on invalid reference?

On 7/12/13 8:28 AM, Dirk Schulze wrote:
> The 'filter' property can have a list of filter functions including a url() for referencing <filter> elements. What happens if the <filter> element does not exist or is invalid because of other reasons?

As a simple case, how does 'filter: url(#invalid)' behave?

I believe per SVG spec and in the Gecko implementation it makes the 
element the invalid filter is applied to not paint at all, right?

> Example: filter: blur(4px) url(#invalid) contrast(0.5);

For this one, I guess the question is whether it should have behavior 
that's the same as the simple case or different behavior...

> 1) Refuse the whole filter chain (as if 'none' was specified)?
> 2) The url() is just a pass-through and the filter chain continues as if url() was not specified?

3) Follow the SVG spec.  ;)


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