Re: Variables LC publication (was: [CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-07-24)

>From the minutes of this week's telcon:

> - Discussed botched LC publication of Variables, plan to republish
>   soon, probably with additional issues resolved.
> glazou: Let's prep the document for a new publication.
> glazou: Enough on this topic for today
> * plh doesn't understand why we're pushing a doc to LC that still have
>   uncertainties around
> <glazou> plh, +1

So we're republishing a new LC once the issues are resolved?  If so,
that makes sense but it wasn't clear from the actual minutes what was
going to happen.

I did actually post a query about the status of the LC publication
back in June that went unanswered:


John Daggett

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