RE: [css-selectors] Selecting non-element nodes

> I’m not super convinced. It seems that these examples would be used
> between "block-level" siblings, where you rarely have "naked" text
> nodes. (Often, there is at least a  element.)

Given I just spent some time writing a function that walks through the DOM to find loose text nodes which I would like to hide but cannot remove from the DOM nor target via CSS (ie: save their nodeValue in an expando and basically set their nodeValue to an empty string, or vice-versa), I believe in my use case sufficiently.

It's not the first time this issue comes on the table, but it seems nobody ever proposed a solution to it, which is I believe the only way to hope for a fix to land at some point.

However, I agree that in the read-more case you usually have <p> wrappers, at least in the case of a blog. 		 	   		  

Received on Friday, 26 July 2013 16:20:46 UTC