RE: [css3-shapes] Applicability of shapes

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> From: Alan Stearns []
> Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 5:13 PM
> If we can add 'block-level elements' to the applies to line for shape-outside,
> with a description of what this means (it applies but does nothing if the
> element is not an exclusion or float, but if the element is an exclusion it
> defines the exclusion area) - all without adding a normative dependency -
> then I'm OK with the change.

I don't see why "applies to: block-level-blocks" will make a normative reference to exclusions. You may not see the effect of a shape when applied to an element that is not a type of exclusion but that will be true if you don't implement floats.

It is true that the two features are compliments of each other in many cases (to see a shape it has to be an exclusion or to change the shape of an exclusion you need shapes etc.) but I don't see the applicability of shapes as a tie to exclusions. Even less a normative one.


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