RE: [css-regions] Editorial comment on content chain order

> What about:
> ---
> it becomes a sibling of that ancestor,
> following the ancestor along with
> any other nodes in this situation
> in DOM order.
> ---

Seems good to me. I would probably say "following directly" to make it clear they're siblings of the ancestor before any other element, but I think it's fine.

> We could instead say that
> ---
> The descendants of an element or content with
> a specified flow may themselves have a
> specified flow. If an element or content
> has the same specified flow as one of its
> ancestors, it moves to the named flow in
> place in DOM order within its ancestor.
> ---

Not a big fan of that one. It's not obvious how you can actually know that it's the case and it doesn't help to solve the case where you have

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