Re: [css3-values] Status of attr()

Le 16/07/2013 23:11, Bear Travis a écrit :
> Hello,
> Looking over the CSS 3 Values specification [1], I noticed that the
> attr, calc, and toggle features were listed as at-risk. I am
> particularly interested in the attr feature, and was wondering what
> at-risk meant in this case. Were there implementation or browser support
> concerns? Would it be moved to the level 4 specification if it did not
> make it into level 3? I was interested in investigating implementations,
> but wanted to see what the current concerns were with the feature.


As far as I know "at-risk" is for features that do not yet have two 
independent interoperable implementations. It means that features can be 
dropped from this level to avoid blocking the rest of the spec. In that 
case they’re typically moved to the next level.

See the Candidate Recommendation exit criteria:

Simon Sapin

Received on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 22:43:41 UTC