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On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> Le 01/07/2013 20:02, Brian Kardell a écrit :
>> We might considet exposing a non-lossy simple OM (not CSSOM, something
>> that could be parsed with JSON.parse) - I think that would be almost as
>> good.  CSS's forward compat grammar is really good and anything that
>> would change it maybe should be very managed.  I proposed this in 2011 i
>> think...
> Do you mean the Core Grammar defined in 2.1?
> Syntax 3’s "component values" are a cleaned-up definition of the same thing.
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> Simon Sapin

Yes, I am saying the major skeleton of it as applies to parsing is
pretty well guarded and hardly changes... Hardly - but it does.

I think Tab's js parser does a serialization of component values - it
is actually a little unweildy, I think we can do slightly better than
that in terms of friendliness - but yeah, that's the gist... If you
could call something that would give you a kind of AST regardless of
whether the browser understood their actual details beyond parsing -
then 99% of ways you would rationally extend CSS could be accounted
for... What's more - most of it could be preprocessed if you wanted to
and you could use the JSON forms to do your actual extension which is
a lot more efficient anyway.

The remaining 1% of things you could change would also changing the
parser rules - and those are few and far between and potentially
dangerous, so maybe that's ok.

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