[css-regions] restricting flow-from further

Hey all,

The flow-from property has until now applied to all non-replaced block
containers. What qualified as a non-replaced block container wasn't always
clear to everyone, so I had added a note listing some of what's in and
what's out (block, inline-block, table-cell, table-caption, and list-item
- yes. grid or flexbox - no).

The inclusion of table-caption and list-item were a definitional
side-effect. I'm not aware of any strong use cases for turning these into
CSS Regions, and implementing this just because they count as block
containers seems unnecessary.

So I've changed the 'applies to' line for flow-from to only allow block,
inline-block and table-cell. I've left in the note that what flow-from
applies to could be expanded in the future. And I've removed the note
explaining what counts as a block container.

Full text of the flow-from 'applies to' line:

Non-replaced block containers whose
display property computes to block,
inline-block or table-cell.

      This might be expanded in future versions of the
specification to allow other types of containers
to receive flow content.



Received on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 20:21:38 UTC