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Thanks and goodbye Simon White (Monday, 23 December)

Alternative Browsers / Test Software Matthew Smith (Saturday, 21 December)

Exploiting Bobby (was RE: Alternative validation tools.) Timothy J. Luoma (Saturday, 21 December)

[OT] Misuse of Out of Office Responders David Woolley (Saturday, 21 December)

Fw: New Braille Terminology David Poehlman (Saturday, 21 December)

[media] W3C To Open Web to Those With Disabilities Kathleen Anderson (Friday, 20 December)

press release:Light house international and HiSoftware teaming announcement: David Poehlman (Friday, 20 December)

RE: Alternative validation tool Brian Kelly (Friday, 20 December)

Examples of alternative accessible sites Steve Vosloo (Friday, 20 December)

eGov Act signed w/508 provisions Larry Goldberg (Thursday, 19 December)

Alternative validation tools. Tim Roberts (Thursday, 19 December)

EARL 1.0 Available as W3C Working Draft Judy Brewer (Thursday, 19 December)

articles on browsers Catherine Roy (Wednesday, 18 December)

WthRemix Joe Clark (Wednesday, 18 December)

RE: Rockville, MD- Seeking low vision users for testing federal w ebsite RUST Randal (Wednesday, 18 December)

RE: Rockville, MD- Seeking low vision users for testing federal w ebsite Nissen, Dan E (Wednesday, 18 December)

News Release: World Wide Web Consortium Issues User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation Judy Brewer (Tuesday, 17 December)

Fwd: Re: Rockville, MD- Seeking low vision users for testing federal website Dwight H. Barbour (Tuesday, 17 December)

Rockville, MD- Seeking low vision users for testing federal website David Poehlman (Tuesday, 17 December)

Accessible HTML in Kiosk Matthew Smith (Monday, 16 December)

Accessible HTML in Kiosk Matthew Smith (Monday, 16 December)

Related/Forward Links Jason Ramsay-Brown (Sunday, 15 December)

Voice content searching Bill LaPlant (Sunday, 15 December)

image links and (text)boxes Jonathan Chetwynd (Sunday, 15 December)

Accessibility and overall Content Integrity Testing for Visual Studio .Net Robert B. Yonaitis (Saturday, 14 December)

W3C/WAI Research and Development Interest Group Judy Brewer (Friday, 13 December)

high contrast Jonathan Chetwynd (Friday, 13 December)

www.phoneticom.com/english/services - Another Voice interface for review. Mary.Dunlop@visionaustralia.org.au (Thursday, 12 December)

browse aloud. David Poehlman (Thursday, 12 December)

Integration of Accessibility/Search & Metadata Server Robert B. Yonaitis (Thursday, 12 December)

Left handedness and stylus input (tabletPC, palm, etc) Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 11 December)

Ironic accessibility Vincent Flanders (Wednesday, 11 December)

RE: R4 Web Accessibility Tim Roberts (Tuesday, 10 December)

BBC R4 Accessible Web Article on NOW David Woolley (Tuesday, 10 December)

At Slashdot: Ask an Expert (sic) About Web Accessibility Joe Clark (Monday, 9 December)

Highlighting areas of text on mouse click. Tim Roberts (Saturday, 7 December)

Tabindex Coding Tip (Perl) Matthew Smith (Saturday, 7 December)

screenreaders, sld and sound on mouseover Jonathan Chetwynd (Friday, 6 December)

Please visit HiSoftware and Microsoft for a FREE Web Cast on Assuring Content Quality and Accessibility for your Web site Dana Louise Simberkoff (Thursday, 5 December)

sound on event: a possible way? Jonathan Chetwynd (Wednesday, 4 December)

Labels In Forms Hy Cohen (Tuesday, 3 December)

Is this complex table properly coded? RUST Randal (Monday, 2 December)

Anyone else get this spam? (off topic) Lois Wakeman (Monday, 2 December)

Accessible PDFs Matthew Smith (Monday, 2 December)

Ozzie on speaking mind to mind Harvey Bingham (Monday, 2 December)

Accessible PDFs? Matthew Smith (Monday, 2 December)

SVG Mania and the Sematic Web Geoff Deering (Sunday, 1 December)

[take2] Business Benefits of Access-for-All Design Timothy J. Luoma (Thursday, 28 November)

MCU: accessible web design: web typography article. Jim Byrne (Thursday, 28 November)

RE: What this list is all about ... was RE: Business Benefits of Access-for-All Design Jukka Korpela (Thursday, 28 November)

Re: What this list is all about Joe Clark (Thursday, 28 November)

Online Accessibility Verification System Updated Robert B. Yonaitis (Wednesday, 27 November)

Business Benefits of Access-for-All Design Michael R. Burks (Wednesday, 27 November)

from the other side? Jonathan Chetwynd (Wednesday, 27 November)

Virus Warning Alan Cantor (Wednesday, 27 November)

Fw: Making math equations accessible David Poehlman (Tuesday, 26 November)

RE: Question around WCAG 1.0 (should be: changes in natural language) Phill Jenkins (Monday, 25 November)

Accessible content / news sites Steve Vosloo (Monday, 25 November)

Re: cdata, javascript and xhtml1.1 David Woolley (Sunday, 24 November)

Text beats graphics for advertisements Graham Oliver (Sunday, 24 November)

collated text transcripts Shawn Lawton Henry (Sunday, 24 November)

New Version of AccVerify SE For FrontPage Released Robert B. Yonaitis (Saturday, 23 November)

Emacspeak-17.0 (HappyDog) Unleashed! T. V. Raman (Saturday, 23 November)

How do screen readers treat empty paragraphs please? Lois Wakeman (Friday, 22 November)

Web Sound. ? Mirabella, Mathew J (Friday, 22 November)

Web Accessibility in Ireland: Survey Results. Barry McMullin (Thursday, 21 November)

Multiple languages in the lang attribute Stephen Garcia (Thursday, 21 November)

Question around WCAG 1.0 Stephen Garcia (Thursday, 21 November)

problems with axis attribute? Jason Megginson (Wednesday, 20 November)

RE: underscore underscore underscore... Jukka Korpela (Monday, 18 November)

wrap="physical" Jonathan Chetwynd (Sunday, 17 November)

underscore underscore undercore... Seth Rothberg (Saturday, 16 November)

CSS optimised for different browsers John Ablett (Friday, 15 November)

font-size em in IE6 Ineke van der Maat (Thursday, 14 November)

*Complex* Tables, Forms, Labeling, I'm still confused Leanne Phillips (Thursday, 14 November)

How to define a CSS constant SHARPE, Ian (Wednesday, 13 November)

Accessibility Options Julian Voelcker (Wednesday, 13 November)

RE: Accessible site list - change to page address Poitras, Penny (Wednesday, 13 November)

New Product Announcement Dana Louise Simberkoff (Wednesday, 13 November)

Question about form labels and radio buttons. Mirabella, Mathew J (Wednesday, 13 November)

OT - valid HTML question Scarlett Julian (ED) (Tuesday, 12 November)

Accessible layout of layers with XHTML CSS Tim Roberts (Tuesday, 12 November)

web:Fw: Main Menu David Poehlman (Tuesday, 12 November)

RE: Accessible site list (was Calling all handsome accessible si tes) KOROTNICKI, Malessa (Tuesday, 12 November)

Macromedia not getting accessibility quite right... Tom Gilder (Monday, 11 November)

valid mark-up only priority 2!! WAS valid comments Scarlett Julian (ED) (Monday, 11 November)

valid comments Scarlett Julian (ED) (Monday, 11 November)

Accessible site list (was Calling all handsome accessible sites) C.Bottelier (Monday, 11 November)

Calling all handsome accessible sites Steve Vosloo (Monday, 11 November)

web form guidelines:Fw: ADV-HTML Digest - 2 Nov 2002 to 9 Nov 2002 (#2002-34) David Poehlman (Sunday, 10 November)

Fw: The Internet minefield Federal court ruling averts jumble of unknown regulations in on-line case David Poehlman (Saturday, 9 November)

conference questions Mary Howe (Friday, 8 November)

question about colours and fonts The Snider's Web (Friday, 8 November)

Accountability of Accessibility and Usability Joe Clark (Friday, 8 November)

layout tables Kerstin Goldsmith (Thursday, 7 November)

Custom Content Validation Creation - Preview Software Available Robert B. Yonaitis (Thursday, 7 November)

accessibility metadata - DC 2002 report Liddy Nevile (Thursday, 7 November)

FW: Case closed: Disabled access does not apply to cyberspace...for now (US) Sharon Dennison (Wednesday, 6 November)

a new store: David Poehlman (Wednesday, 6 November)

Understanding Accessibility - French Language Edition Robert B. Yonaitis (Tuesday, 5 November)

Selecting Checkboxes with the Keyboard RUST Randal (Tuesday, 5 November)

New audio-description service for UK television programmes Simon White (Tuesday, 5 November)

abbr, acronym and working examples Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 5 November)

RE: discussion:Fw: What is the problem with accessible pop-up win dows? Jukka Korpela (Tuesday, 5 November)

discussion:Fw: What is the problem with accessible pop-up windows? David Poehlman (Tuesday, 5 November)

New Zealand Government Web Guidelines, v2 - Consultation draft Graham Oliver (Monday, 4 November)

Fw: New Book Announcement: Design and Implementation of Web-Enabled Teaching Tools David Poehlman (Monday, 4 November)

forms and TAB query Quinn, Anthony (Monday, 4 November)

Beta Testers needed for AccVerify/AccMonitor Release 5 Robert B. Yonaitis (Sunday, 3 November)

RE: [w3c-wai-ig] :hover OK instead of blue underline (was: <no su bject at all>) Jukka Korpela (Friday, 1 November)

Weird issues with pop-out nav and stylesheets Quinn, Anthony (Friday, 1 November)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Audrey J. Gorman (Thursday, 31 October)

HiSoftware and Mercury Interactive present a FREE Web Cast on "Incorporating Web Accessibility in your Test management " Dana Louise Simberkoff (Thursday, 31 October)

ANN: Accessibility Valet 1.1 Nick Kew (Wednesday, 30 October)

job posting The Snider's Web (Monday, 28 October)

Re: Accessing PDFs - what is accessible? Phill Jenkins (Monday, 28 October)

question about posting The Snider's Web (Monday, 28 October)

New and Updated Solutions Robert B. Yonaitis (Saturday, 26 October)

Is it possible to paste an image into a form? Jonathan Chetwynd (Saturday, 26 October)

PDF & HP Digital Sender Patrick Burke (Friday, 25 October)

Assistive Technologies and HTTPS RUST Randal (Friday, 25 October)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Sarah French (Friday, 25 October)

test of email The Snider's Web (Friday, 25 October)

[Slightly OT] longdesc and Creative Writing Jon Hanna (Thursday, 24 October)

Validation Question for Javascript type attribute Brian Walk (Thursday, 24 October)

Accessing PDFs Hy Cohen (Wednesday, 23 October)

Accessing PDFs RUST Randal (Wednesday, 23 October)

Re: Judgment in the SouthWest case. tina@elfi.org (Tuesday, 22 October)

RE: Judgment in the SouthWest case. Peacock, Kimberly (Tuesday, 22 October)

SouthWest Case Judgement - Irony Alert <grin> Graham Oliver (Monday, 21 October)

Judgement in the SouthWest case. tina@elfi.org (Monday, 21 October)

color issue regarding separation of presentation and content Jonathan Chetwynd (Monday, 21 October)

Colors and the WCAG C. Bottelier (Saturday, 19 October)

Interesting approach to Web accessibility... Tom Gilder (Friday, 18 October)

LONGDESC Aaron Smith (Friday, 18 October)

Call for Book Reviews: Accessibility Books Gerard Torenvliet (Thursday, 17 October)

question for users of text only browsers Jason Megginson (Thursday, 17 October)

Building Accessible Websites now available Joe Clark (Thursday, 17 October)

Slashdot: Review of the glasshaus book "Constructing Accessible Websites" Isofarro (Wednesday, 16 October)

FW: Pop-Ups Robert Neff (Wednesday, 16 October)

MCU: Accessible Website design: an approach to the W3C guidelines Jim Byrne (Tuesday, 15 October)

WSIS & Micellaneous camo (Tuesday, 15 October)

Re: Non-Magpie SMIL 'n' SAMI Joe Clark (Monday, 14 October)

Media - Wired News, a site for your eyes Graham Oliver (Monday, 14 October)

Drama is typically more intense, tightly constructed, economical, and cathartic than narrative* Jonathan Chetwynd (Monday, 14 October)

[Fwd: question for list serv] Lubow Scott (Monday, 14 October)

Education & Outreach Working Group Meeting, 7-8 November, Copenhagen Judy Brewer (Monday, 14 October)

DVD eeqwjOBz3l3f9J0xm a@w3.org (Sunday, 13 October)

Accessibility changes to Movable Type 2.5 Joe Clark (Saturday, 12 October)

Oh, great! this is just what we need... John Foliot - bytown internet (Friday, 11 October)

HTML techniques, Spanish translation/Técnicas HTML de Accesibilidad, en español Alan Chuter (Thursday, 10 October)

RE: Public Standard (was RE: Media - Suit Over Airlines' Web Si tes Tests Bounds of ADA) Nissen, Dan E (Thursday, 10 October)

RE: Letter in '.net' magazine Jukka Korpela (Thursday, 10 October)

FW: Letter in '.net' magazine SHARPE, Ian (Thursday, 10 October)

RE: Making the Suits "get it" - Part 2 (was RE: Media - Suit Over Airlines' Web Sites Tests Bounds of ADA) RUST Randal (Wednesday, 9 October)

[Fwd: Wired.com article on Web Accessibility with Jakob Nielsen] Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 8 October)

Text Reader for Web Pages and Macintosh Ali (Alejandra) Beatty (Tuesday, 8 October)

Skip Navigation Hy Cohen (Tuesday, 8 October)

Media - Suit Over Airlines' Web Sites Tests Bounds of ADA Graham Oliver (Monday, 7 October)

Remove from list please Nick Dyer (Saturday, 5 October)

accessible sound on event using object? jonathan chetwynd (Thursday, 3 October)

Fw: Safe web colours for colour deficient vision - update jonathan chetwynd (Thursday, 3 October)

validator and refc delimiter jonathan chetwynd (Thursday, 3 October)

RE: Part 2 - Access Keys - your collective help is urgently reque sted! Jukka Korpela (Thursday, 3 October)

mouse gestures cf accesskeys jonathan chetwynd (Thursday, 3 October)

"Internet industry body releases Web accessibility plan" Joe Clark (Thursday, 3 October)

Part 2 - Access Keys - your collective help is urgently requested! John Foliot - bytown internet (Wednesday, 2 October)

LABEL Tag Question Hy Cohen (Tuesday, 1 October)

RE: Ruby and assistive technology Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 1 October)

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