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"image-resolution: snap" and scaling all lengths in tandem

[css-counter-styles-3] 'width' descriptor and negative counter values

[css-counter-styles-3] 'width' descriptor: auto vs. 0 ""

[css-counter-styles-3] 'width' descriptor: should negative integer values be invalid?

[css-counter-styles-3] 'width' descriptors: counting symbols vs. characters

[css-counter-styles-3] Font for symbolic counter style

[css-counter-styles-3] Writing mode based glyphs for disclosure-open/close

[css-device-adapt] @viewport and "desktop" browsers

[css-device-adapt] @viewport vs. Media Queries.

[css-device-adapt] Issue 5: @viewport inside @media

[css-device-adapt] Number or percentage values for zoom values

[css-display] Naming a "display:none"-ness switch.

[css-flexbox] Making percentage margins/padding consistent with Grid

[css-flexbox] Syntax for maximum support

[css-images-4] image-rendering issue 19: "smooth"

[css-masking] Editorial: Intro / Interactions / Definitions

[css-masking] Review request before going to LC

[css-positioning]? Handling <dialog> positioning - an update

[css-selectors] Proposal: Logical Combinators / Sets

[css-text 3 and 4] hyphenation & interop

[css-text-decor-3] are underline positions per-line or across lines?

[css-text-decor-3] determining position and thickness of line decorations

[css-text-decor-3] drop 'text-underline-position: alphabetic'

[css-text-decor-3] Processing model for text-underline-position: under | left | right

[css-text-decor-3] Replace text-underline-position by something more generic

[css-text-decor-3] specification should clearly identify changes from CSS 2.1

[css-text-decor-3] text-decoration model should account for 'objects' ∉ 'text-decoration-skip'

[css-text-decor-3] text-underline-position: left | right should specify horizontal writing behavior

[css-text-decor-3] z-ordering of text-emphasis marks

[css-text3] line breaking - interactive vs. batch

[css-variables] Comments on WD-css-variables-20130312

[css-variables] CSSVariablesDeclaration interface definition

[css-variables] minor nits in 27 Feb draft

[css-variables] typo in example

[CSS21] Undefined behavior of backgrounds and borders with relative positioning of tables

[CSS21][css-device-adapt] Multiple groups in the "Media" line of properties/descriptors

[CSS21][css3-images] clarify the case when an intrinsic dimension is zero

[CSS21][css3-selectors] :root in HTML always the HTML element?

[css3-align] Establishing a block formatting context

[css3-align] justify-self: stretch

[css3-align] Some questions about justify-self

[css3-align] true/safe align/justify WAS: [css3-flexbox] alignment and overflow:scroll

[css3-background] background-repeat: round vs. background-position

[css3-background] fixed attachment vs. positioning area vs. box-decoration-break

[css3-background] round(N+0.5) with background-repeat: round

[css3-box] providing an aspect-ratio for a box (Re: suggestion: fixed-aspect-ratio CSS rule for block elements)

[css3-break] How should this break? (breaks in the margin area)

[css3-break] Limiting break propagation to the fragmented flow

[css3-conditional] box-shadow example

[css3-exclusions] exclusions vs float areas

[css3-exclusions] What inline content does shape-inside affect?

[css3-flexbox] alignment and overflow:scroll

[css3-flexbox] ambiguity in flex shorthand?

[css3-flexbox] changing default flex value back to "0 0 auto"

[css3-flexbox] multiline flex orthogonal

[css3-flexbox] Revert min-width back to an initial value of 0

[css3-flexbox][css21] Make table cells/flex items/grid items paint atomically?

[css3-fonts] @font-face font-family names used in other @font-face rules

[css3-gcpm][css3-multicol][css3-regions] page floats, column spans, implemented & revised

[css3-grid-layout] Dense auto layout

[css3-grid-layout] grid-end / grid-after with <integer>

[css3-grid-layout] Issues For Your Consideration

[css3-grid-layout] Negative numbers for <grid-line>

[css3-grid-layout] Syntax of track lists wrt named grid lines

[css3-linebox] Re: Minor error in anonymous inline boxes example

[css3-lists] ::marker should inherit from the element

[css3-mediaqueries] device-width/device-height on rotatable devices

[css3-mediaqueries][mediaqueries4] "never necessary to apply the style sheet in order to evaluate expressions."

[css3-multicol] 'column-fill' and column overflow

[css3-multicol] overflow inside multicol elements

[css3-multicol] references to paged media

[css3-overflow] Publishing first public working draft

[css3-overfow] FPWD and overflow / -style / -x / -y

[css3-page] "Tree order" (default stacking order) of page-margin boxes

[css3-page] Add way for webpage to signal UA to disable default footer/header

[css3-page] Each page-margin box establishes a stacking context

[css3-page] Flexbox algorithm for page-margin box layout

[css3-page] Flexbox or table algorithm for page-margin box layout

[css3-page] Idea for simplier page-margin boxes

[css3-page] Page-margin boxes layout

[css3-page] printing, is it a business of CSS at all?

[css3-page] Recommendation for page-size with UA interaction

[css3-page][naming] New name for the page box

[css3-regions] Event handling on regions

[css3-regions] offsetParent for element collected inside a named flow

[css3-regions] Separating regions markup

[css3-sizing] intrinsic widths of replaced elements inside flexboxes

[css3-text] Feature request: "white-space: ignore"

[css3-text] hanging-punctuation and hyphens

[css3-text] should 'tab-size' be in spaces or '0' characters?

[css3-transforms] Containing block for abspos

[css3-transforms] UA supporting only 2D transforms

[css3-transitions][css3-animations] Cascading of animations/transitions and starting of transitions

[css3-ui] Styling of text overflow ellipsis

[css3-values] Interaction of vw/vh and scrollbars

[css3-values] recommendation for pixel units

[css3-values] Undefining viewport units in Paged Media

[css3-values] Undefining viewport units in Paged Media (was: Reissue CR?)

[css3-values][css3-background][css3-transforms] <position> vs. transform-origin

[css3][background] background-size as the background shorthand

[CSS4 color][CSS4 transition] color pre-multiplied vs non pre-multiplied was (Re: [CSSWG] Minutes TPAC Tue 2012-10-30 AM I: Abstract Directions, Transforms, Transitions)

[css4-background] border-corner-shape extension point?

[css4-background] Different border-corner-shape per corner

[css4-background] use cases for 'border-corner-shape'?

[cssom-view] Add a "smooth" parameter to scrollTo and scrollBy functions

[cssom] Interaction of getComputedStyle.width/height and box-sizing

[cssom][css-variables] cssom defines property access using case insensitive lookups

[CSSWG] Minutes 2013-03-13

[CSSWG] Minutes 2013-03-20

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-02-28

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-03-06

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-03-27

[CSSWG] Shortnames Renamed / Editor's Drafts Redirected

[CSSWG][css-counter-styles] Updated WD of CSS Counter Styles

[CSSWG][css-print] CSS Print Profile published as WG Note

[CSSWG][css-variables] Updated WD of CSS Custom Properties for Cascading Variables L1

[CSSWG][css3-page] Updated WD of CSS Paged Media Module Level 3

[filter-effects] shader security model

[mediaqueries4] Media queries & multiple screens

[mediaqueries4] Media queries for multichannel audio ?

[mediaqueries4] Media queries for physical resolution

[mediaqueries4] New Media Feature "backgrounds" (Proposal)

[mediaqueries4] pointer: coarse and pannable, zoomable viewports

[mediaqueries4][css-speech] Media queries for multichannel audio ?

[selectors4] :not and :matches specificity (was :not(a, b) vs. :not(a):not(b)

[selectors4] :not(a, b) vs. :not(a):not(b)

[selectors4] Styling table column child elements

[selectors4][naming] Renaming :matches() (was: Proposal: Logical Combinators / Sets)

[selectors] Matching of :first-child and the like for elements whose parent is not an element

[shadowdom]: Using :root to specify the insertion point in ::distributed

[text-decor-3] Emphasis marks and ruby

Agenda conf call 06-mar-2013

Agenda conf call 13-mar-2013

Agenda conf call 20-mar-2013

Agenda conf call 27-mar-2013

Allowing content authors to get vertical <input type=range>

Any events fired when an overflow:hidden container causes some child elements to get hidden?

Comments on CSS3 Text Decoration

CSP 1.0: Lax and strict CSS parsing rules

Editing CSSOM and CSSOM View

Exit criteria in the wake of 3 engines

foo {content:title} - a proposal

Fwd: [css3-align] Some questions about justify-self

Holy grail layout using Flexbox

Implementing css3-syntax (was: Re: Exit criteria in the wake of 3 engines)

Inheritance overrides (was Re: [css3-text] Feature request: "white-space: ignore")

Looking at editor’s drafts or /TR

Looking at editor’s drafts or /TR (was: URI tokenization and tabs)

new member from Opera Software

Possible Vendor Prefix Solution

Proposal: transformation matrix interface

Shadow DOM and CSS

Sticky Positioning with tall elements

Styling radio button and checkbox controls

Styling table column child elements

The :min-width/:max-width pseudo-classes

timing functions in reversed animations

Unicode caseless matching details (was Re: [CSSWG] Minutes Tucson F2F 2013-02-05 Tue PM I: Fonts)

URI tokenization and tabs

vertical % margins and padding on flexbox (was Re: [CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-03-27)

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