Re: [css3-text] Feature request: "white-space: ignore"

On 29 March 2013 13:19, Tab Atkins Jr. <> wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 2:55 PM, Zack Weinberg <> wrote:
> > The whitespace node comes from pretty-printing of the HTML source and
> > was not intended to be significant.  It would be nice if there were a
> This is covered by the 'text-space-collapse' property, experimentally
> specced in Text 4:
> <>  In
> particular, the 'discard' value.
> There's an issue in the spec already that points out how several of
> the values don't work well with this being inherited.  We haven't
> given Text 4 much love yet, so there hasn't been much thought into how
> to solve that.
> ~TJ
Because of this, to make focus ring correct I sometimes write
pretty-printed html like

<a href=p.htm>
    <img src=i.jpg

So a question on
Depending on situation, I want to treat spaces in following html

----- html text ------
<a href=p.htm>
<img src=i.jpg>
<img src=j.jpg>
----- html text end ------

Example it can mean any one of the following

----- possible choice ------
before <a href=p.htm><img src=i.jpg> <img src=j.jpg></a> after
before <a href=p.htm><img src=i.jpg><img src=j.jpg></a> after
before<a href=p.htm><img src=i.jpg><img src=j.jpg></a> after
before<a href=p.htm><img src=i.jpg><img src=j.jpg></a>after
----- possible choice end ------

Whether white-space-collapsing will offer all the possible to choose from?


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